Tamagotchi Collaborates with Cakeworthy on Limited Edition Collection

27.4.2024 BRANDORA

The iconic brand that caused a frenzy in the ’90s, Tamagotchi, has partnered with Canadian fashion fandom experts, Cakeworthy, to bring this iconic virtual pet to a whole new fashion level!

Screaming with nostalgia, the Tamagotchi x Cakeworthy 11-piece collection brings fans an array of accessories featuring lenticular effects to simulate the motion of the virtual pet and several clothing pieces including a t-shirt, crew neck, robe, tee bucket hat and more!

Currently available online or at Cakeworthy’s brick and mortar store at CF Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton, the line-up also includes several clothing items that pay homage to all your favorite moments from Tamagotchi – even when they poop!

This collection invites fans to rediscover the joy of Tamagotchi in a whole new fashion dimension, where each piece is a canvas for personal expression and connection to a shared cultural heritage.